Hello, thanks for coming to my page and get to know my work.

My name is Carolina Alvarado, I was born in Bogotá Colombia, I’m a mother of three children who were my greatest inspiration to study photography, and to capture not only every special moment of their lives, but to start documenting their childhood in a very natural way, their day by day, their chaos, their tantrums, their games. All the details of their routines, their expressions and emotions. I wanted to keep the way I saw them to show them when they grew up.

Life puts you to the test all the time, and 8 years ago the circumstances made me rethink many things and I decided to reinvent myself and launch myself to do what I liked the most. With the impulse and help of many special people who encouraged me to continue, I began to work with my passion, I think I really started to live from that moment. I began to value my qualities, to take advantage of them, to fight against my fears. It started a journey of adventures and opportunities, today I feel that
I wouldn’t change anything. I’m very lucky, because I was able to turn my passion into my business. Now I can say that I do the same thing that I did with my children, but with other families.

I love every aspect of photography. With my work I meet new people, I leave the sessions feeling that I made new friends, even if I have to invest hours and hours of organization and editing, I gladly do it because I really enjoy what I do. Everything is photography for me. All that I feel when I see a photo or when I see through the lens, what I perceive through my camera touches my soul and excites me, and it’s because photos are not taken with the eyes, or with a good camera, they are really taken with the heart

One of the most important things I have learned is that I not only have to be a spectator for a moment, but empathy is worth much more. Telling stories without words, making people cry with happiness or sadness through pictures, because they really convey the truth of a story, and that is what I do, I tell stories about people, about children, about families. With sessions when the naturalness of the moment flows, when real love is seen, preferably with natural light, and above all when is possible to capture the connections and the sincere details that are worthwhile.

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